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Animorphs fancasting:

It’s all Bookelfe's fault, when she said “We have the perfect showrunner for an Animorphs TV show: Ron D Moore! He’d set up the characters perfectly, make us fall in love with them, and then have gradually worse and worse things happening to them over time, and halfway through all the fans will only be watching because they’re so invested and love the characters but will be screaming as horrible things happen and the characters have to do more and more horrible things to survive.”

We know he can do badass blondes. We know he can do initially compassionate women who get more and more morally ambiguous. We know he can do military leaders forced to make more and more difficult decisions.

Spoiler: Ax turns out to be Jesus. Or something.

Anyway, then we did a fancasting.

Jake: Alexander Ludwig
Cassie: Logan Browning
Marco: Tyler Posey
Rachel: Dianna Agron
Tobias: Skandar Keynes
Ax (Human morph): Tahj Mowry

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    AX :DDDDD Finally! I’ve seen lots of Tyler Posey casting for Marco, but after watching TW I can’t separate him from...
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    Looks-wise I would say Dianna’s got it but,…I don’t know. Regardless of that (and the fact I have no idea who most of...
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    tobias was always my fvorite
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    A BROWN AX!! THERE IS A GOD!! Tristan Wilds is still Jake though and I don’t care what you have to say about it
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    Here. For. It.
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    Honestly I only know who the bottom two people are, but YAY for Ani-fan casting!
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    Ok yeah the more I look at it and think about it the more I love Tahj as Ax. He’s been playing an arrogant genius since...
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    Holy Jebus Ax. Ax.
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    Why does everyone always seem to want to make Jake blond? It bugs me for some stupid reason, I think I have a very very...
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    Dianna Agron would be a kickass Rachel.
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    we shall always ignore that they technically made a television series because it was absolute rubbish but dude for...
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    These are (mostly) great. BUT WHO PLAYS DAVID